Book Review Tour: Revenge

Join us for this tour from January 6, 2020 to January 17, 2020!

Book Details:

Book Title:
Revenge by George Lockie
Category: Adult Fiction, 178 pages
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Release date: December 2018

Tour dates: January 6, 2019 to January 17, 2020

Content Rating: PG-13 – M:

This is an action thriller involving special forces military. There are scenes of violence, including torture.
Book Description:

Rory Glassen is selected to join an elite SAS cell. They are sent to
Libya to seek retribution for the near-death torture of two of their SAS
troopers, at the hands of a medieval-run empire led by a despotic
Sultan. What was to be a milk-run operation turns sour, as a battle of
wits to survive soon develops between two warring factions. Sultan and
Rory lock horns, trying to outwit each other and prevent any more
deaths. It is only when a most unexpected ally emerges from Rory’s
distant past, and offers the cell information, that a solution appears.
Like worms, they burrow into the catacombs of the old Roman Fort on
which the Sultan’s Palace is built and seek their revenge.


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Normally I’m not into military type books but the description of this book had me really wanting to read this book. It started out a little slow but quickly picks up the pace, and hooks you. Once I got into the story I couldn’t put the book down. Looking forward to checking out more from this author.

Meet the Author:

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1941. Married in 1964 in Edinburgh,
Scotland. Wife’s name is Avril. Has two children, Darren (52) and
Vanessa (47). Enjoyed six years’ service in the Parachute Regiment in
the British Army from 1960 to 65, mainly in the Middle East and Europe.
Migrated as a family to Australia, in 1965, seeking new challenges and a
different lifestyle in a more exciting environment. Traveled
extensively worldwide whilst employed by a major Australian
International Packaging Group, as National Operations Manager, a senior
management role from 1986 to 2003. Started writing in 1995, as he felt
that the Army relationships and strong emotional bonds that are created
in life-threatening experiences in the field, had not been exposed, or
described adequately, in the novels he had read. His first novel tried
to cover that. It takes place post-WWI through to post-WWII. The second
novel, a follow-up military story, again covers a subject not exposed as
a problem before. His third novel covers a criminal gang and its unique
way to produce huge profits from the saddest moments in human life; yet
a boon to the medical world. The fourth exposes the world of computer
hacking, with a clever killer achieving his aim of executing a crime
boss in revenge for his wife’s death at his hands. 1st: Eye of the
Hunter (Thriller, suspense.) 2nd: Chameleon (Suspense, thriller, crime.)
3rd: Miracle Cure (Military, Crime, Police.) 4th: Furtive Shadows
(Military, SAS, MI6) All novels are linked by a common major character,
Rory Glassen – a ruthless, dedicated soldier with extraordinary senses
and physical attributes gleaned from his childhood upbringing alone in
the Scottish Glens.

Connect with the author: website

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